Saturday, 12 March 2011

Water Oreum redux

Stairs are shit.
A boring soggy crater awaits.
Roe, some deer.
Take a breather, deer, you've earned it.

I seriously will marry Mt. Halla one day.
I hit the Mulyoungari Oreum about the same time last year.  There are no birds there.  And I hate stairs.  Saw a crew of fat and happy deer.  Also, a perfect day for a long and bendy scoot trip through the hills and down the coast.  My nose is sun red.  It was such a gorgeous day, hard to believe there's absolute misery going on in Jeju's backyard.  Go do shit you want to do, today.
  Once, when I was about 9, I puked in my mouth during a fire drill.  We were all lined up outside in the schoolyard, I guess watching the school pretend-burn, when my stomach did its flibbidy-flop.  I had eaten too many honey-wafer things.  Before I knew what the hell was going on, I puked a full puke, inside my mouth.  No one noticed.  The classes started filing back into the school, but my class was at the far end.  I planned on hanging back and getting rid of my foul hitchhiker nonchalantly with no one around.  The other classes were moving way too slow.  I couldn't hold it anymore, because it was fairly gross.  I casually turned my head and put my hand to my mouth, in the way one would when whispering to a friend, and projectile vomited out a jagged, honey-colored puddle about 6 feet away.  Wanna hear the insane thing?  No one noticed.  Actually, I think this one kid in the back noticed.  He looked at me with huge moon eyes as we went back in.
  Pat Moll factoid: I haven't eaten a muffin since August 2005.

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