Monday, 21 March 2011

Surf-Dolphins of Bomok

That would be a great title for a sci-fi movie!  I've seen dolphins on the west coast a few times, but I spotted these guys just east of Soggy, near Bomok.  They were surfing, bru!  My Jeju surfing bud has seen plenty of dolphins on Jeju, but he's never seen them surfing.  It's meant to be good luck.
  I told my 514 homeslice the story of how I shit my snowpants when I was 5, and he laughed so hard, I thought we needed to call 119.  The story was that I'd eaten a frog-shaped pastry, which I suspect was filled with liquor, or was rotten.  So 20 minutes later, I'm all bundled up, watching my dad and his friends play street hockey in the schoolyard.  Suddenly, I shit my pants - super-runs.  Ashamed, I kept this terrible fact to myself all day, and suffered in silence.  My mom wasn't too impressed when she unzipped my snowpants, hours later.  I seem to remember that my legs and ass were pretty burned up.

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