Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Wreck of the Man Sok

Hey!  I found a pen down here!

While I was fishing with my Brit bud last weekend, a ship (the Geum Sok) pulled into the harbor, heeled over, towing something.  We were like 'What's that red thing?', and soon figured out it was the hull of an inverted ship.  As they brought the ship in, we saw that it was a pretty big ship.  The busy little Koreans that had gathered on the dock got their backs into it and helped pull it in.  Two divers went down and attached rigging to the ship, and a crane slowly flipped it over.  It was entertaining.  The ship itself, the Man Sok, was the newest I've seen, with her sleek all-metal hull and embarrassing array of radar gear.  We couldn't see any damage to the hull, and I'm guessing that 'Titanic Syndrome' had something to do with the ship's sinking.  That or the typical Korean habit of doing everything quickly, cheaply, and half-assedly.

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