Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Trees of December


My little fake x-mas tree is up, and it'll probably be here until I leave, in June.  One year was sure enough this time round.
  Thinking of hitting up Seoul for New Year's, kick it with The Piss Bottle Man.  Buy some shoes.  Oh yeah, so I know I shouldn't have tried, but I thought, y'know, these days I see a lot of tall Korean guys around with what I judge to be big feet, so I thought I'd try my luck at buying shoes.  Nope.  Went into like 12 places, and each time I told them my shoe sizeee they got agitated and/or apologetic, and shooed me out whilst taking quick surreptitious glances at my feet.  'He's worse than Hitler,' they thought as I walked out the door.
  Oh shit, it's windy and rainy out.

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