Sunday, 4 August 2013

'Crap soup' and other assorted silly crap / Mackin' on zombies


The dreaded 'Triple Baby Leg'

City Girl

  Well, what's up?  Spent Sunday as I often do - birding around town, and driving aimlessly.
  I was rolling with the boys last night, and we went into a(nother!) 'Garten Bier' type place, with the wacky refrigerated holes in the table.  The boys eagerly sat next to a table of three Korean 21st century ladies, who were each glaring into their cell phones like dopes, not interacting with one another.  The boys were convinced that they could get somewhere with these expressionless zombies.
  I was cranky so I yelled something like 'Good luck, but unless your heads turn into fuckin' cell phones, they're gonna ignore you!', and walked out in a huff.  No word on how it turned out for them.  As for me, I went home and ate half a wheel of Brie.  I win again!

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