Thursday, 15 August 2013

West coast ramblings, as always


Once-productive reedbeds at Hwasun Beach completely eradicated, sarcastic claps for all involved in this grand endeavor
My fave lil old spot to chill at Sanbangsan

Kamikaze bunkers at Altreu
Seotal Oreum
I hate this helmet, it's a bowl of dicks
Japanese ammo bunker
Filled with mosquitoes and spiders, no thanks
  I heard an Oriental Cuckoo today, it went 'Hoo-hoo!  Hoo-hoo!'
  So I happened upon two cats fucking the other day.  What an ugly thing to see.
  I do a lot of cooking in my underwear these days.  It's so hot and sweaty, there's no other way to do it.  Just cooking away in my undies.
  The Barn Swallows are swooping past my window, I love them for it.