Thursday, 22 August 2013

Free cider


'Cider' in Korea means a sugary Sprite/7up-type deal, and 73% of cider sold in Korea is mixed with Soju.  That's a fact, you can take that to the bank.
  Anyhow, twice in the past few months I've been offered free cider by Koreans.  The first such incident took place on Gageo-do in early May, and it saved my very life.  I took the looooong and hilly walk up into 2-Gu village, and by the time I got there I'd burned through my two bottles of water - therefore screwing myself for the way back.  I was dead, I was toast, that was it for me.  Then I spotted the one business in town, a small seafood restaurant, and shuffled over.  As I walked in, I realized that I had left my money in my rain jacket.  The old lady that worked there read my mind, and filled up my water bottles and handed me a warm can of Chilsung Cider, on the house.  I drank it down in one shot, and it recharged me with energy, like GummiBerri juice.  Awesome.  It was the best thing I've ever consumed.
  The other cider giveaway happened last weekend on Chuja-do.  I was sitting on some steps while the boys went for a dip, and some Korean guy handed me his bottle of Kin Cider, because he didn't want it and couldn't be arsed to throw it out.  I'd been drinking way too many fizzy drinks on that hot day, and this one pushed me over the top.  Painful bloating.
  What's the takeaway from all of this cider talk?  It's that Chilsung is better than Kin.  Ohhhh, I got you good, Kin Cider!  Take that!

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