Thursday, 22 August 2013

More cloudy randoms, from SogJej

Dawn over Seogwipo

Eogtto falls - dry and noisy with bullshit construction

Cumulonimbus over Halla
Sunset at Gwakji Beach
Some smoking beast straight outta Wump World
It's raining!  Good, Jeju is thirsty as a dog on fire.  This is urgent rain - starts in a hurry and comes down in buckets.  Chuckin' it down.  Fat Gump rain.
  I'm thinking of doing some birding this weekend, followed by checking out some of the oddball little museums on Jeju I never got around to, like the Automobile Museum, and the Korean Baseball Museum.  There are a couple of others on the list as well.  Then take in a Jeju United game, perhaps.  And now you know.  Live the quiet life, innit.
   Nothing hilarious to report of late.  Oh, a buddy on Geoje sent me LaserGrip.  LaserGrip is going to get a post of its own.

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