Thursday, 22 August 2013

Chuja-do redux


Cobain and I visited Chuja-do one epic January three years ago.  Three years ago?!  Holy fuck.  Anyhow, I re-visited the place with the boys last weekend.  Good times as always.  Cruising busted old scoots around - I got stuck with the shitty lil 50cc - I actually had to jump off a few times and push/rev it up precariously steep hills.  Antics.
  One incident of note about the trip there and back on the majestically-named vessel 'The Pink Dolphin' (hee hee!).  On the way out Officer Rulebook wouldn't let us out on deck, citing some incident that occurred on September 4th of last year (he was very specific) where some drunk josher went overboard and died an idiot's death.  On the way back, we went right back up on deck.  Let him kick us off again.  He came back out, but this time only gave us an impish grin before leaving us up on the glorious deck to breath in the fresh ocean air and mavel at the amazing scenery, while 100 Koreans happily basked below decks in a sweltering squid-and-farts-smelling shithole watching TV at deafening volume.  Cultural differences.
  Re-visit my older trip, won't you?  Why in the hell did I break it up into so many bloody parts?  Who was I?

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