Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Weekend up north

Luke, I'm your father.  Noooo!
Sausage party!

Melted maple butter in the snow
CAR!  Street hockey is the best.
Guiness in the morning
The egg station
Green bread
  I went up to Yossarian's place for a couple of days to help prepare for an insane St-Pat's party.  He had me cooking 108 sausages and slicing up a massive ham.  Then there was the bacon.  My fingers tasted great by the end of it.  Tons of people showed up the next day, mostly married couples with their kids.  Then there was me.  So I grasshopper hop-hop-hopped my way out to the woods and birded for a few hours.  I'm still sore from the three hours of street hockey.  The team surrendering a goal was forced to drink a shot of Jameson.  I was goalie and I let in quite a few goals, but there's no correlation there.
  The next day, less than a kilometre down the road, an audacious helicopter jailbreak occurred.  I had nothing to do with that shit, but it sounds cool.

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