Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Birds of the day. Then toads - eating and rooting.

Black Kite, the meanest-looking badass

Black Woodpigeon, NBD

Arctic Loons?

Arctic Loons!

Kestrel messing a smaller kid up

Fire-bellied Toad sex - always confusing

Fire-bellied Toad cannibalistic blood orgy - always fun 

More confusing toadsex

  We saw about a dozen Black Woodpigeons, and a few other good birds, but the main waves of sexy migrants are running late.  Tardy.  Ah, in a flooded gun emplacement we found a mass of sexually-active Fire-bellied Toads.  There was also a cannibalistic feeding-frenzy going on.  Always good for a laugh.  Hyuk!

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