Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Solo Ninja Day Raid: Ice-eating Crazy-hike

I was aiming for the pass, but ended up going over yon hill on the right

End of the trail

Steep, rocky, and Tim Burton-y

Deer shite

Sweet sweet moutain ice to slake my thirst

Desert boots - not the best hiking footwear available

Follow the deer trail

The inevitable hardened gun emplacement at the top

Not the worst spot to be buried

Natural spring, unnatural spigot

No pot of gold at the end, just all of that shite
  On a whim (a whim!) I decided to take a shortcut over the hills I'd heard about.  I guessed it was in the pass between two mini-mountains, and headed up, with no hiking boots, water, or food of course.  After a while the trail petered out and I somehow inexplicably missed the pass and ended up scrambling up the steep, trail-less mini-mountain on the right.  I was very tempted to turn back, as my desert boots are not what I'd call legit hiking boots.  Steve McQueen never took his off, but that's beside the point.  My still-shitty knee made the climb a bit more of an adventure.  It took a good 30 minutes, but by sticking to the switchback deer trails I managed to make my way up towards the top.  It's there where I found a vein of sweet sweet mountain ice to eat.  'Nature will provide', I thought to myself wisely.  The adventure of it all.

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