Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Best meal ever

He loves when meat goes in his mouth

  Best foreign food in Korea, that is.  I'm having a hard time thinking of a better meal I've had in Korea in a long while.  Cobain (who snores by the way, so I feel the pain of others who claim that I do the same) was crashing on my couch for a few days, and we rolled into nearby Okpo last night to check shit out.  We ended up following some good advice and going to a Turkish place cleverly named 'Turkish House'.  We opted to go big, in lieu of going home, and got the 60$ two-person feast.  It was insane-diculous, I'm a believer.
  After some bread and soup (that mercifully didn't taste like cigarettes, unlike the Turkish place in Gohyeon), they brought out nan bread and Thor's meat plate.  There was meat everywhere, I kept finding new clumps of it hiding under other stuff.  There's still more meat than blood in my veins.  Damn.  Sweet-ass tea and tapioca/pistachio pudding for dessert was equally badass.  He's coming back this weekend, and we're doing the 70$ three-person feast.
  Later on, we made some startling observations in Okpo, but I'll get into all of that another time.

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