Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Abandonned Magma rotting into the weeds
Daystar that reminds me of Big Joel's
Slightly overloaded 50

A murdered-out VS with every possible accessory - I still like it
I still don't have a chopper, I may try to rent a scoot off someone for a bit.  I need a scoot.  :(
  I hear a cat caterwauling outside almost every night.  If it was a dog barking, I'd be pissed, but a cat shrieking away is somehow cute to me.  It's fine.
  The old guy that runs the supah down the street seems to make up a new price for stuff every time I make purchases.  The other day he charged me 3$ for three beers, so that works for me.  He gets increasingly flustered as more items get plopped down on the counter, and a look of panic flashes across his face.  Then he just thinks 'fuck it' and pulls a number out of his ass, roughly based on the volume of items covering the counter.  Gotta love it.  I'm sure it all evens out in the end.
  The other day a different old guy walked up to the counter and bought a mickey of soju and a rooty Korean energy drink.  He pounded back the soju in two gulps, and washed it down with the smaller bottle of root.  He smacked his lips and walked out with a grin and a twinkle.  I was amazed and appalled all at once.

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