Sunday, 13 May 2012

Japandemonium - Signs-mania! (vol. II)

Japan.  Thank you.

Dancing animatronic noodles

Dinosaur meat

 The other day as I was walking through my parking lot, a soccer ball came bouncing over to me.  Feeling cocky, I popped it up and starting bouncing it off my head and legs, hacky-sack style.  The two kids were rightfully impressed, and started clapping.  Feeling extra-cocky, I went to kick the ball back over the fence to them, but I put some extra mustard on it, trying to pop it way up.  Well, it went in the exact opposite direction, and ended up landing on the cab of a nearby recycling truck with a deafening 'thunk'.  The kids were in disbelief, and they quickly stopped clapping as I ran away and let them deal with the screaming truck driver.  Hee hee, bitches!

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