Tuesday, 2 April 2013



Skeins of Canada Geese stacked to the horizon
Kichesippi - solid sauce

Beer goggles - definitely necessary in Ottawa
  A few days ago, Dance and I busted on out to Ottawa to hang with E-dog and Drekrake.  Good to hang with the boys, but I have two words with which to describe Ottawa: white...bread.  Or: dry...toast.  Everyone/thing is boring as shit, and it's rotting E-dog from the inside.  That, and the hobos there have organized themselves into loose, cranky packs of 5-20 that roam the streets lethargically, as hobos do.  The hobos here in the 514 have moved into Westmount in unprecedented numbers.  Thanks for tuning into the Hobo Roundup - stay tuned here for all the latest breaking hobo news.
  So we ate a ton of shitty and delicious food, drank a few pints, watched stupid movies, and played stupider computer games.  Great success!
  I feel like going to Yellow Sea islands for a month or two this spring, just to look at birds.

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