Friday, 15 February 2013

Last food pic

  The first Korean phrase I learned was 'Please don't put corn on my pizza.'  With few exceptions, Korean pizza is hyper-crap.  A Double Pizza veg slice however, is not crap.  Look how many glorious olives are on that beast.  Olives really polarize people - there's no halfway with olives.  I think that taking pics of food is dumb, so I'ma stop.
  Yep, Siberia for a month or two.  I'm gonna do it.  Why the fuck not.



    That said, my life is enriched by the anecdotal knowledge gleaned from your blog to beware Korean corn-sprinkled pizza. Not even a ninja turtle could stomach such an odious topping... BRRR. Gives me the shivers.

  2. Oh fuck that's me! I did it first. And I have no idea what Instagram is. But yeah, after a while, the food-picturing feels uberdumb. Oksusu bego chuseyo!