Sunday, 22 September 2013

E-dog leftovers


Bacon cheese bagel sando at an amazing new cafe
Low tide island
"They groaned from a shower of bullets..."

The fun police have barred access to the Japanese Kamikaze caves.  Lame.
The amazing 'beef in a cup' restaurant
E-dog pretending to know how to ride.  In reality, we were nuts-to-butts the whole way round the island.
  So I've revealed all of E-dog's gaffes, I guess it's fair I reveal one of my own.  I met E-dog at the airport (with a bag full of bus-drinks on ice of course), and as he was loading his bag under the bus, I got on and headed towards some free seats at the back.  I was carrying a bottle of water, and somehow, and I'm still not sure how this happened, but it kinda popped open and water went all over some people.  I guess the cap just caught on a seat or something, and it flipped upside down, and most of it went all over the laps of two Korean guys that were sitting on the aisle.  We were all pretty surprised, and I kind of stammered 'Uhhh, stupid bottle!  The bottle!  Stupid bottle!' and made my way to the back.
  E-dog got on and as I was telling him all about the crazy bottle incident, the guy whose crotch caught most of the water came stomping over to me, all bent out of shape.  He stuck his finger in my face and yelled 'Hey!  You!  Towel?!  You towel?!', pointing to his wet zipper area.  'No man, I don't usually carry towels around,' was my sassy answer.  He got off the bus in a huff.  E-dog and I cracked beers and talked loudly for the whole bus ride, because that's how we roll.  It's what waygooks are expected to do, so why let folks down?

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