Tuesday, 17 September 2013



From like three weekends ago when E-dog was here, I'm a bit behind on the times.  So here are two more boneheaded things he did.  He was carrying a beer-laden tray out of the buying area (it must have a name...store part?) of TP, and he clips this baby in the head with the edge of the tray.  It didn't cry, but that's because I'm pretty sure he caught it on a fontanelle and rendered it instantly brain-dead.  I swear I saw those little eyes cross.  Haha, great stuff.
  Then a bit later he asked me where the pisser was.  I pointed to the door and told him you have to knock twice and wait for an answering knock to see if anyone is already in there.  For some reason, he started knocking on a bare wall a few feet over from the bathroom, his hands probing around for a secret handle.  Eeeeee-dog!  It was funny, but you kinda had to be there.

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