Sunday, 22 September 2013

The centipede incident

 The other day I caught some movement on the wall with my peripheral vision and saw one of those sick hairy indoor centipede guys creeping around on the wall.  I quickly snatched up my trusty can of K-Raid in one hand and my trusty fly-swatter in the other.  As I approached, it bolted, zipping around on the walls at warp speed.  I don't remember doing it, but I dropped the death-dealing implements I had been holding and picked up a book and flung it at the wall in one deft movement.  The book hit the centipede with such force they both fluttered to the ground in pieces.
  Now, I know all I did was kill a bug, but I'm fairly proud of the killshot I delivered.  I had to throw the book ahead of the centipede, much as the pilot of an F-86 leading a Mig-15 with his hail of .50 calibre death would do.  Thanks, Chuck Yeager flight simulator from the early 90's.  It's the man, not the machine!
  The book, incidentally was Jupiter's Travels, by Ted Simon.  Resolute e-mailed Ted Simon a couple of years ago and he sent back a nice reply.


  1. Why must you be all the time so mean to little critters of nature? They don't know that they're ugly. Can't we all just get along?

  2. I love critters, but when they're in my apartment, we have a problem. A guy I know on Jeju had a centipede nest in his ear when he was sleeping. I don't kill spiders or crickets. Just mosquitoes roaches and centipedes.