Sunday, 22 September 2013

Peace Museum, in the middle of nowhere

Creepy empty theatre

North Korean rocket from the 2010 Yeonpyeong attack
Makes my head look taller and balder than it is, but only by a bit.
Hey camon!  Let's cave going!

Island of Peace!  Cool!  Buuuut, then let's build a massive naval base.  Oops.

Yeah there's a hefty fuckin' fee
  I felt the need to clear my head, so I drove around the back roads of Jeju (for like five days).  Yesterday in the course of my ramblings I came across this Peace Museum, which was located on the smallest of back roads in the literal middle of nowhere.
  I woke the guy up and he decided to be my personal tourgiude (he didn't have much else going on).  It was kinda creepy watching a poorly-translated propaganda film in a huge empty hall.  Then there were some Japanese tunnels and some other random stuff piled in a room in rusty display cases.  The museum that time forgot.  Almost as cool as the abandonned Nork semi-sub display Cobain and I stumbled across on our epic  long-day-round Dolsan Island (off Yeosu) on our lil 50cc whips:

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