Monday, 9 September 2013

Jeju United game with E-dog


  Had a full four days when E-dog was here.  Took him him all over the damn place on Sunday, then ended off with a Jeju United game.  Jeju won.  I have some funny E-dog stories, but as usual, I'm tireder than a dog on fire.
  Ok one stupid E-dog story, and there are a few.  In his defence, most people's IQ drops a few points when they travel.  Mine will bounce back, right?  So we were at a restaurant, and E-dog asked how to get the attention of the server.  I didn't want to tip her off that I was giving him pointers, so instead of telling him 'Yogiyo', I spelled out 'Y-o-g-i-y-o'.  He knows some Korean which is why what he did was so funny.  He cleared his throated and authoritatively called out 'Why-oh-gee-aye-why-oh!'  I bugged him about it  mercilessly.
  Almost as good as the time Big Joel ordered a lil June Bug.  Or the time he sat on a chair and broke it.  Lotta stories there.  Nightey night.

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