Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Squaring off against shotgun-toting hunters


I went to the mainland two weekends ago for an epic birding session with the Birds Korea boys.  Many epic things happened, and I may blog about them, unless I get lazy.  The most epic thing that happened was when we confronted some hunters at Shiwha.  We were happily scoping the reservoir for rare geese when we heard the POP! POP! of shotties going off in the distance.  JP turned green and his shirt ripped off, and we sped off looking for them.  After a few wrong turns on the backroads, we found the hunters.  We stopped and I snapped some pics of them and their license plates, to pass to the cops.
  That's when JP hopped out of the car rollin video on his phone, and charged up to the two stunned hunters.  "This is illegal!  This is illegal!  THIS!  IS!  ILLEGAL!" he screamed, filming them.  The three of us in the car were frozen, but I had to back up m'boy, so I shed my gear and hopped out to square off next to him, trying to look tough - which isn't hard with the beard and dark circles I was rocking.
  JP was basically bumping chests with this hunter, asking to see his license.  Reminder - these K-rednecks had shotguns.  Shotguns.  JP was a mad-dog.  The main guy said 'Oh yeah?', and reached for his gun-case.  We're dead.  He sneered and pulled something out.  We're fuckin dead.  It was his gun-license.  JP snatched it and took a picture of it with trembling hands, oblivious to the guy's profanity-laced protests.  The dude was saying 'Where's YOUR license?  Are YOU the police?'.  Ha ha.  Anyway, it looked like they had their paperwork in order and we let them be, but it turns out that the license was only for the gun, it wasn't a proper hunting license.  I can't reveal here what wheels are in motion, but next week I will.
  Insane several minutes.  Bird police!  The video JP took is hilarious, by the way.

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