Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Birding the mainland, with the boys

Surreal Shiwha

JP, moments before the hunter incident
Spot the Austrian?
Grungy fuckin bar

Songtan by day
Rooks, and a Daurian Jackdaw or two
Always a laugh riot.  I wish I could have joined these guys more often over the past couple of years, I missed out on some epic birds, and good times.  So anyway, after the hunter shenanigans and owl-dipping, we ended up in Songtan for the night.  This place is a grungy hood at the gates of Osan Air Force Base.  Dammmnnn, you thought Itaewon was shady?  Ha, this place was like seedy Korea from the 1970's.  I think.  It was super sketchy.  Tarted up old hags working the bar, me love you long time.  Very creepy.  Packs of juiced up Air Force kids getting stupid.  Weird Mediterranean guys lurking.  Ewoks.  Good Mexican food.  Over-strange Austrian ass-pirates.  I developed a crush on a goofy female MP.  A group of 5 MPs was sweeping the streets after curfew, and yea, there was this one goofy one.  Made me think of the song 'Sir Psycho Sexy'.

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