Thursday, 7 April 2011



There are differing accounts as to just how much radiation was in today's rain, but I stayed out of it either way.  I haven't turned into a godzilla yet.  Or grown a prehensile tail.
  Actually,  I find mass-hysteria exciting.  I remember how excited Resolute and I were for Y2K-mageddon.  We sat around drinking Red Bull (the 7.1% beer, not the energy drink) making Y2K death prediction lists.  There were maybe six different death categories, and if I remember correctly, Resolute predicted about 400,000 people would perish in the Y2K-strophe, mostly from riots and falling satellites.
  Someone bought him a 'Y2K Countdown Clock' for his birthday in the summer of 1999, and for months we'd look at the little digital countdown with giddy anticipation.  We brought it out for the frigid Dec.31st festivities, wondering what the clock would do at midnight.  Right before midnight, the batteries fell out. And there were no mass fatalities.  What a terrible disappointment.
  What we need is a good old fashioned ice storm.  My theory is that all people are four missed meals away from cracking open their neighbor's skulls and feasting on the brains within.  Cavemen!  Blood-smeared faces!

Purple Rain

Ain't really all that bad...


  1. Sweet bike pic! Those were the good ol days...that clock was sweet though anticlimactic.