Monday, 7 April 2014

Yossarian in town

Well he was, a week or two ago.  With his whole family!  Was strange to see him in a Jeju context.  They were staying at this strange wood cabin pension deal in the Jungmun hills.
  There's no shortage of cheesy and empty pensions on Jeju these days.  And cafes.  You can't throw a molotov cocktail these days without hitting an 'arty' cafe on a stretch of Olle Trail coast on Jeju.  And they're all exactly the same.  Without real character, in spite of quirky wood tables and hippie decor.  Hippie fashion is very in these days in Korea.  Hordes of young Koreans are strapping on the bohemian dresses and headbands, growing moustaches, and taking selfies in one of these fake cafes.  Look at me!  I'm a hippeeee! Just like the one I saw on TV!  I went into a store and pointed to a mannequin and bought its exact outfit!  I have an old film camera, Doc Martens and a trilby!  Bah.
  Anyway, it was great to catch up with Yossarian.
  In other news, I'm leaving Korea in less than two months and couldn't be any fucking happier about that.
  Oh yeah, we went to Gecko's for his kid's birthday.  That's about all that place is good for these days.
  Geez, complain much?  Curmudgeon.

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