Monday, 10 March 2014

Worst Guard-dog ever

Are Koreans noisy?  Let's just put it this way - you are in no danger of having a Korean sneak up on you.  Heh.  At least on the trails.  Korean hikers sport these little clip-on walkman-sized radio-trail-blarers.  You can hear that shit for miles.  Who wants to be alone in the woods and just listen to...nothing, right?  So best to envelop yourself in an abrasive aural bubble, innit.
  Now, if your radio is broken or you lost it/smashed it while on Tuesday afternoon soju bender, then there are other options.  Like screaming into your phone in spite of the obvious fact that you have no reception.  Yobosayo?  YobosaYO?  Yobosay...YobosaYO!?  YOBOSAYO?  If you do that all the fucking way up and down the mountain, then you don't have to listen to all that insipid nothing.

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