Saturday, 2 August 2014

On prend un verre

They drink in France - like every day, all day long-type drinking.  I was helping set up the local fair last week (called a 'Mechoui', there will  be a separate post on that soon), and lunchtime for the volunteers was insane.  Started with a round of Sangria and baguette with pate.  Then Kier with the next course.  Next it was white wine with baguette and cheese.  Then beer with the next course.  On to the panache (pronounced 'panashay'), which is beer and fizzy lemonade, then red wine, more beer, and so on and so on, I can't remember too much about the end of the meal.  After we stumbled back and finished work, it was 'On prend un verre!' over at the village pub or at some farmer's house.  It's beer with boules (bacci ball), wine with dinner, and drinks for the sundown.
  In other news, I've been a bit sleepy lately, I wonder why.  Gotta go, it's beer o'clock.

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