Thursday, 1 March 2012


The new Harfang Perdu header picture?  Perhaps.

She's a camera whore, but who can blame her?

Plenty of material for our bamboo spear-making plans

The view from Quiznos (thank fuck), Parottbill in the background

Yay and whee
  I had a day off today, so I jumped on ol Hoggy (she needs a proper name, really) and headed up northwest to look for a reservoir I spotted on a map.  I missed the reservoir and ended up in Hacheong, a small port town.  It had a gritty and unfriendly feel to it.  Some neat little temples and bamboo groves around though.  Nice winding, hilly roads up there for some downshifting practice, which I need.  I figure I'm almost 100% on the whole driving-a-motorcycle-with-gears thing.  Booyeah.
  Later in the day, I met up with Amadeus, and we hiked Parrotbill Mountain.  Pushing further down the ridge than usual, we discovered a clearing with a rope hanging between two trees.  Amadeus whipped out some gymnastics rings, which he apparently carries in his backpack at all times, and rigged up a pretty nifty rope swing.
  My throat is sore, like I'm drinking rusty pieces of fireglass.  Fireglass, not fibreglass.

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