Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Meet you at Homers

Have a tall on the beach!

GS weather

We won a dart contest on Jeju as newbies - folks weren't impressed

Cobain's bud Jun, who showed us some cool spots

I gots yo fuckin' face!

Gwangan beach in morning's harsh light

Vitamin Water for breakfast, as per usual

We met at Homers again, guess we musta got split up

Smalls at a Gohyeon GS - classic.
  Just got around to getting some pics off my phone from when Cobain and I ripped up Busan back in Feb.  We ripped it up old school.  You hear me?  We gave Busan an old-fashioned beating.


  1. I have a hankering for some scathing vitriol about halitosis-stinking, tooth-sucking, hideous man-o-lantern ajoshi, drunk or otherwise.