Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Violent Femmes - American Music

  Tim Ni played this song for me for the first time, musta been the early 90's.  Ten years after that, at least, I saw them play live.  They rock nations.  I've been playing this song on mando for the past few days, I'll see if accordion guy wants to do it up for the open mic we're organizing.  It's the best song ever written.  Too bad this video omits the classic mumbled intro.  Hey, the singer kinda looks like Resolute.
  The Japanese beer is finished, and the stew is bubbling along nicely, but my stove's 'low' setting doesn't go low enough for my liking.  Worse things have happened.  What the hell is in this Japanese beer?  I'm like a hippie all of a sudden.  Irie.

Nobody will go to the prom with me baby

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