Sunday, 4 March 2012

Gyeryong-san Boys

Then the mic hit my face, wa-pahhh, so pitted.
  Last week I jammed at nearby bar with some fellow pluckers and bellows-pullers.  It was my second time jamming there with Banjo Alex, but he left last week, unfortunately.  Too bad, we had some decent harmonies going on 'Wayfaring Stranger'.  That's how Korea goes.  Accordion dude is still around though, and keen to jam, which is cool.  We're going to get an open mic going at the bar in a few weeks, to see how many other musicians there are on this island.  Should be real Lemmy.
  All anyone says around here is 'I can't wait for summer'.  Biking, camping and jamming on the beach - can't blame them.  I wonder how the Geoje beaches will stack up against those on Jeju?  We'll see.
  My little piggies are cold.

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