Monday, 5 March 2012


  It's rainy today.  In fact, it's been rainy all week, and it will continue to be rainy all week.  There, that's me done complaining about the rain-mageddon.
  I'm psyched, I've joined a Geoje baseball team - a new team in an established league.  It will be the first team made up of foreigners, so it should be fun to mix it up with the Korean teams.  I've been given a sneak peak of the uniforms, and they're badass.  I'll lobby to pick '8' as my number, for Gary Carter.  I wrote him a fan letter when I was five that read 'You're the best player in the world, you run like a deer.'  He wrote me a nice little note back, along with an 8x10.  I've got awesome memories of playing lunch hour baseball on the back field of my high school, every  damn day for years.  Good times.  Y'out!

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