Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Apollo Mission #2: Quest for Fire

You got to pay the troll toll...

Caveman!  Fire!  Extreeeeme!

Our muse

Caveman water drink!  Extreeeeme!

Dental floss bow-drill!  Extreeeeme!

Water!  Extreeeeme!
  The second sacred secret meeting of the Geoje Island Full Moon-Worshipping Cult went well.  Well, as well as things can go on a full moon.  Amadeus and I, with one daughter of Erin in tow, rode out to a waterfall on the edge of town.  We hiked up to the falls, and proceeded to set up a camping stove, for the purpose of boiling up some sweet sweet waterfall water to make some sweet sweet hot chocolate.  Well, in all our full moon-induced light-headedness, we neglected to bring a lighter.
  That was cool though, because then we shifted into manly caveman 'Make fire!' mode, which was the shit.  Amadeus went for a 'make sparks onto the open gas canister' technique, alternating between metal-on-stone action, and the old 'MacGyvering a flashlight bulb' tactic.
  I went primal, and first tried rubbing two sticks together.  It didn't work, but an ancient part of my existence was awakened, and my insides smiled.  I then switched gears and made a bow-drill using dental floss and sticks.  The concept worked, but the waxed floss was too slippery to get any friction going.  Smelled nice and minty though.
  We did not succeed in making fire on this night, but it's not who wins or loses, it's how you play the game.

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