Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Immaculate Machine - C'mon Sea Legs

  Someone played this song for me once, years ago.  It got stuck in my head for two weeks.  I'd sing it into my helmet at full screech as I cruised around Jeju's gorgeous coastal roads on Ol Whitey.  Today, for reasons unknown, as I screamed around the roads of Gohyeon (pronounced 'Go-Yawn') on New Reddie, I started yelping this song into my helmet again.  It's a cool song, I believe.
  If I had to sum up my life using nautical imagery, I guess I'd be a leaf on a stream, drifting slowly, arms behind my leafy head in blissful repose, only rarely being forced to pick a direction when a fork approaches.  Then I flip a coin.
  I'm making Irish stew and drinking Japanese beer at this very moment, so life can't be terrible.

C'mon Sea Legs, pull yourself together
You're gonna have to learn to like
The rockin' of the waves, whatever
C'mon now, it's not meant to be easy
But you're not gonna spend your life
Being sick over the side.

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