Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Seoul shenans

Birdin with the +1
Ilsan Lake Park redux
Red-crowned Cranes in a cage - a gift from China.  Thanks China, for the gift of misery.
Noisy photogs with no binoculars, and no manners
Good birders, with scopes and a genuine passion for birds
Pro hockey in Seoul
The poutine at Yaletown is nowhere near as good as  at RMT
B-dog and some pro hockey dudes
The wings at Beer O'clock are nowhere near as good as at RMT
I used to live in Ilsan.  Yuck?
A buncha stuff happened in Seoul.  Went drinking with pro hockey players and gossiped about Subban and Desharnais.  Ate, drank, birded, spent too much on cabs.  That's how I roll.

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