Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Helping cockroaches on their way to hell

  I caught sight of this little fuckface trying to act all innocent in the stairway on my way up to my apartment.  I came back down packing heat.  As I aimed the can o K-Raid and unleashed a satisfying hiss-burst, two things  happened almost simultaneously.  The automatic sensor light went off, and this brute flung itself off the wall with an loud whirring sound.  With alarming accuracy it flew right at my face, and I think it hissed, too.  I proceeded to do the all familiar crazed stamping dance of the helpless and fled back up the stairs.  I pass its inverted carcass every day in the stairwell and give it the finger while saying 'Fuuuuck you.'  I've never claimed to be noble.
  Creatures hate me:

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