Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Jumping off cliffs


  I went to Oedolgae ('Way-dull-gay') last week with DarcVader, and the main swimming hole was overrun with tourists.  So we scrambled round some hectic cliffs to partake in a little cliff diving.  Well, he was proper diving off cliffs from up high, while I was more throwing my flailing self off much lower precipices.  I originally got up onto a much higher cliff with the best intentions of jumping off, but it's amazing how your legs don't follow the orders of your brain when they feel like overriding an errant command is in the best interest of the whole idiot.  So I casually made my way down to a lower crag and jumped.  It still felt like I was falling for about three minutes.  Then I sliced my foot open on a barnacle while getting out and bled like a stuck pig.  I am now a man.  Because before I wasn't, yet.

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