Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Elsie the Cow - my Kaleesi
Hyeopjae Beach, Biyang Island
Cacti a'bloomin, west coast
Looking towards Moseulpo from Sanbangsan

Wave-smashed Jungmun
Blue LEDs below the tank?  Sign me up!
I've got wheels.  Sweet sweet wheels.  This metallic midnight black-blue pig is a Magma.  Very appropriate on volcanic Jeju.  Bought her in Jeju City, then rode her down the gorgeous west coast on Sunday.  I had the whole west coast to myself, which I thought was just great.  Let the adventures re-begin.
  Oh, an incident to relay from Saturday night.  Went out with a coupla folks to check out a show up in JC.  Some dreaded/tatted Korea hippies were playing their didgeridoos, and yes, I'm sure they get a ton of chicks because of it.  So anyhow, I wasn't overdrunk or anything, and Conman motioned to me from across the packed bar, giving me the international hand signal for 'Pass me a brew'.  So I grab a beer, and as I'm reaching it over to him some fucking lumbering mouth-breather smashes into me, sending half a glass of beer down onto some (attractive) blond girl's head and lap.  This fucking dude was out the door before the beer landed, so she looks up and just sees me.  Me, standing over her with a dripping glass of beer, stammering a thin and confused apology.  I was all 'There was a fucking GUY, right THERE, and he like...he smashed INTO me!  He was THERE!  The fucking GUY!  I'm uh...sorry, so sorry.  I don't normally spill beer like this, it's just there was this fucking GUY!"
  So Girl and her entourage were not having any part of my apology, they just looked down and at each other with 'What...everrrrrrrr!' smeared across their faces.  Meanwhile, Conman saw it all, and is laughing his ass off.  So I should have left right away, but instead I remained hovering above their table for the rest of the show, just because.  I didn't promise this would be an awesome story or anything.  Just me looking like an arse in front of people I don't know. I felt like Larry David.  IT WAS AN ACCEEEEDENT!

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