Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Then off to Hamdeok

Choppers and ballers and ewoks

Lantern launch
3rd Line Butterfly - pretty awesome
Jesus Lizard lite
I sure am
Super Curmedgeon and his sidekick Conman discuss the talent
Thennnnn, as I was making my sunburned way back east to Sog, thinking I was going to take er easy and chill, I get a call from a young Jedi asking me if I'd like to posse up and ride north over the mountain to a music festival on Hamdeok Beach.  I thought, 'I'm tired, but THIS...IS...JEJUUUUU!'
  I hit up Home Plus to grab a tent, but the camping section was all out of cheap tents.  So, I hit up the kid's section, and boom, I got a perfectly good tent.  Shut up, it works.
  The ride up was amazeballs, of course.  Have I mentioned that I enjoy the riding of the motorcycles?  So anyway, the musical acts at the festival turned out to be pretty fuckin solid, without a whiff of K-Pop.  Third Line Butterfly in particular mesmerized us drunk lads, their lead singer lady whipping her hair around like a sexy maniac.  The last band was pretty heavy too, like Jesus Lizard lite.
  Sooo, the organizers of this festival decided to install what was essentially a free vodka tap (donations suggested), which in my opinion was a bad idea, especially with so many foreign devils around.  It was this overabundance of the creature that led to something I wish I could unsee.  A portly and tanned bald white guy with a goatee running across the stage naked - twice.  The cops were shocked, but no one wanted to touch this guy, so he got away clean.  Also shocked were the many children in the audience, who I can tell were not prepared to see wobbling male genitalia at this point in their lives, diminutive though it may have been.  I heard the guy panting 'I'm drunnnnk!' triumphantly as he jumped off stage.  Dummy.  We're talking like a ping pong ball and a baby carrot.
  Oh, last story.  I awoke as the sun was coming up to the sound of Iron Man's zipper opening.  A white chick pops her head in.  I may have (or I think I may have but I hope I didn't) mumbled 'There's room,' while patting the ground next to me.  She said something like 'Oh, I thought I was staying in an Iron Man tent.' before vanishing.  I'm fairly certain she was a thief.

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