Wednesday, 17 July 2013

West coast ramblez

Caveman GPS
End of the road/useless infrastructure

Near Yongsu Reservoir
Lunch on the reservoir
Back to the old Kamikaze fields and the lovely rebar Zero
Seotal Oreum massacre site
Japanese bunkers (again)
Chasing Sanbangsan...

On Saturday I headed round the west coast on Elsie the Cow, looking for P-snipes and PT-jacs.  Birds, rare.  No such luck, as it's a pretty durn big haystack out there, and my Jeju intel sources have dried up of late.  But it was a badass day to hit Jeju's insanely gorgeous west coast, knees in the breeze.  Nostrils happily filled with the smells of salt water, garlic, and dirt.
  At one fork, I got lost and ended up at the 'Jeju International School', I believe it was called.  A big cluster of outsized and ugly buildings in the middle of literal nowhere.  Creepy was the zombie infrastructure that ringed the place.  Random parks for kids kilometres away from anything - perhaps months old but already overgrown with weeds.  Endless grids of streets with nothing on them, most of them leading absolutely nowhere.  Ah well, I guess we gotta keep those ajosshis working, innit?

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