Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Morning (s)

Sweet sweet Halla hovers above me

Cheap ring-stinger brekkie at a blue collar dive
Let's have a closer look, and yes, what a confirmed fucking horror
The rainy season (Jangma) is done and dusted.  Which means I no longer have a lame excuse to sleep all morning and stay up until 4am reading or watching Spartacus or building puzzles or whatever it is that I really do at night.
  This morning was a big morning, a real one, a good one.  I went down to sweet sweet Geolmae (soccer and birds, together at last!) to sweat profusely,  huff and puff, and chase a soccerfootball around in the scorching mid-morning sun.  Good times.  Cobain long gone (currently in Myanmar for some odd reason), and predictably unable to raise a posse of (or indeed a single other) like minded people (or person), I played with my ball alone.  Heh.
  Then I grabbed a ring-stinger brekkie-lunch with my homey who just got out of the army after his two-year stint.  He was up on the border and told me an interesting way to ID high-ranking Nork officers at a distance - the fatter the officer, the higher the rank.  Haha, strewth.
  PS the fish had sick teeth.

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